Coming Spring of 2017

Suspects - A Northwest Murder Mystery

by Ted Haynes

Book Summary

Suspects ARC CoverDan Martinez aims for the strenuous but simple life of a triathlete in rugged Central Oregon, only to have his plans upended by the welcoming arms of a beautiful artist—and further thrown into chaos by the violent murder of the artist’s husband. The obvious suspects are Dan himself, the artist, and Dan’s own father.

To find the killer, Dan unearths the victim’s dark past and a host of suspects, one of them a long-lost daughter that Dan may be falling in love with. The hero makes his way through the tangle with wit, grit, and a sometimes shaky understanding of criminal law.  Can Dan fend off the sheriff and avoid becoming the killer's next victim?

Haynes masterfully reveals the passions of his characters while making them, even the evil ones, understandable and sympathetic. The twists and turns of this cleverly plotted mystery will keep the reader guessing until the final pages.

Advance Praise

“Suspects is a roller-coaster of a good murder mystery read, offering a delightfully engaging and complicated weave of intrigue and mayhem.  Author Ted Haynes has the ability to persuasively but unobtrusively get into the head of his diverse array of characters as this story wends its intriguing way toward a surprising resolution.” — Ellen Waterston, award-winning author and poet whose recent verse novel Via Lactea: A Woman of a Certain Age Walks the Camino premiered as an opera in 2016.

"A well written page-turner told by six narrators, none of whom gets to know the whole story until the very end."  — Paul Goldstein, author of Legal Asylum.

“This is a riveting, suspenseful, well written mystery that kept me guessing until the final chapter, and even then, there was a twist that I never saw coming.” Ron Coffman, Ret. Eugene Police Department

“Suspects is a captivating murder mystery set in beautiful Central Oregon and narrated by six of the moral, immoral, and amoral characters who populate its cleverly crafted plot.” — Les Joslin, author of Legendary Locals of Bend

"Suspects is a fast, compelling read, suspenseful and seductive. I really enjoyed it." - Dr. John Loeb.

"Vivid characters, dynamic dialogue, authentic setting, and intriguing plot. Easy to read but hard to guess who did it. A complete and satisfying mystery." - Melissa Warner

"Suspenseful and a real page-turner." - Dr. Cary Poropatich.

“Engrossing and satisfying!” — Barb Tate, Proprietor, Tate and Tate Catering

"I love how the author brought Central Oregon and Portland into it so much!"— Grace McNellis, author of Home on the Vandevert Ranch

"Haynes weaves a great tale. I savored the time I had to read it and I hope some of the same characters come back in a sequel." - Chris Allen

"I loved this book. It held my interest from the beginning to the very last page." — Bev Kenney

“The hero's swimming, biking, and running regime, - training for an off-road triathlon while solving a murder mystery - is authentic and expertly woven into the larger story.” — Bryan McCoy, Founder, Peninsula Fitness