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The Mt. Bachelor Murders


The Mt. Bachelor Murders

  • When Erik Peterson is found buried in snow at the new Mt. Bachelor Ski Area, Sheriff’s Detective Forest Connor cannot find or identify the young man Erik was skiing with, even with the dogged and sometimes annoying help of Erik’s skiing pupil, Sally Paulsen. 

    The adult Sally, now Sarah Chatham, finds the missing man and enlists Erik’s grandson, Dan Martinez, to uncover the killer’s motive, hidden in a foreign war records.  Dan must simultaneously cope with the fallout of an attempted mass shooting.  Are the old murder and the new shooting somehow connected?

    The third book in Ted Haynes’ Northwest Murder Mystery series, The Mt. Bachelor Murders once again combines danger and suspense with vivid characters in a beautiful Central Oregon setting.   

    Available from Independent Bookstores and Amazon.

  • $14.99 US/$15.99 Can

    ISBN 978-1-7331544-2-0

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